How much we've raised & how we've spent it

This year we have raised an amazing £30,000 for new all-weather PE & play pitch,  to give the children a larger all-weather outside area to play on plus other exciting outside equipment such as two stages, a mini-amphitheatre and a giant story-telling chair. Work started on these in September.

In 2014/2015 we donated £12,200 towards new iPads, £6,000 to upgrade the WiFi and £660 in charitable donations.

In 2013/2014 we donated £28,000 to fund the new ICT suite.  Every class from Yr1 upwards has a timetabled ICT lesson once a week in the suite.  In the mornings the room is used to teach Maths and English.  This extra teaching space has allowed the school to split years 5 and 6 into smaller teaching groups for their morning lessons.  

From 2013 we also raised £5,000 to purchase new books for the School Library.  

We also help to fund the Yr6 Leavers Party every July.

Click here for an overview on how money was raised and spent for year ended 31/08/2016

In the last 2 years we have raised almost £60,000 for the school - well done everyone!

        Fundraising 2016 / 2017: £29,368.92

        Village Day: £16,300 Happy’s Circus: £1,870
        Easter Activities: £642 Quiz Night         £2,132
        Golf Day         £912 Portrait Day: £100
        Film Nights: £696 Discos: £1,178
        Christmas cards etc: £386 Ice cream & drinks: £465
        Party Night: £337 Bag 2 School: £400
        Zumba Night: £73 Cookery book sales: £105

        Donations to the school 2016 / 2017: £22,969

Look out for our new fundraising target coming soon!

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We have other projects in the pipeline and welcome all your ideas and suggestions for enriching your children's education!