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                                Chair - Helen Coffer
                                Secretary - Helen Wadham
                                Treasurer - Sarah Marriott

200 Club:

                                Organiser - Karen Rockliffe

Village Day Committee:

                                Helen Coffer - Chair

Class Representatives:

                                Nursery: Anthea Callis, Sam George, Jasmine Rosenhein 
                                Reception: Amethyst - Lydia Bradbury
                                                  Aquamarine - Laura Bouma, Emma Ennis, Chris Winston
                                Diamond Class (Year 1): Carrie Amatt
                                Emerald Class (Year 1 / 2): Tasha Meik, Louisa Tsuman (Yr 1) / Michelle Waller (Yr 2)
                                       Garnet Class (Year 2): Natalie Noorian, Charlotte Philips
                                Jade Class (Year 3): Viviane Smith
                                Onyx Class (Year 3 / 4): Vicky Jackson (Yr 3) /Gina McHale (Yr 4)
                                Opal Class (Year 4):  Zoe Page
                                Ruby Class (Year 5): Sharron Pitfield / Gill Johnston
                                Sapphire Class (Year 5 / 6): Sharron Pitfield / Gill Johnston (Yr 5) / Alison Fitch, Sarah Selby (Yr 6)
                                Topaz Class (Year 6): Alison Fitch, Sarah Selby

A massive thank you to to all our wonderful parents who have volunteered to be Class Reps this year ~ you are a VERY important and integral part of the PTA.  

Without their support and involvement we would not be as successful in running social events and raising funds which advance and enrich the education of ALL children in the school.  

Please give them your full support.

Interested in being a Class Rep?
Class Reps act as a go between between the class and the PTA, helping to get the class interested in PTA events and providing feedback to the PTA. The role mostly involves sending out the occasional email to the class parents and finding stall helpers from their class to make Village Day the success that it is. Some Class Reps also organise nights out, coffee mornings, end of year teachers' collections and so on.

Brookmans Park School PTA is a registered charity: No.1117390